What is the CrossMentoring Initiative?


Since 2007, the CrossMentoring Initiative has been bringing nonprofit executives together for a unique brand of consulting and problem solving. A project of the Maidstone Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing technical assistance to nonprofits that specialize in social justice work, the CrossMentoring Initiative has facilitated meaningful networking opportunities as well as online and face-to-face interactions where leaders get to talk about challenging organizational issues—both individually as well as collectively.
What are some of the common issues that CrossMentoring participants tackle?

It’s an exhaustive and familiar list. They all have issues with fundraising. They have issues trying to strengthen their boards of directors. They discuss staffing, marketing, PR, management, and human resources issues. They contemplate the impact of state, federal and local regulations. 

What is the application process?

CrossMentoring accepts applications on a rolling basis.  However, for its winter 2017 cohort, the due date is January 13, 2017.

If I am accepted, who will I be working with?

If you are accepted, you will be working with a consultant (or consultants) who meet the top three needs that you identify in your application.  For example, CrossMentoring has access to Certified Fundraising professionals, BoardSource Certified professionals, and other non profit experts.

What are the peer-to-peer online meetings?

At the heart of CMI is the experience of CrossMentoring: the support and learning that comes in dialogue not only with the consultant but also with peers in the non profit industry. The virtual monthly CrossMentoring meetings together mission-driven leaders from across the country to share the challenges they’re facing and find solutions in collaboration with one another. The result is a horizontal, reciprocal style of mentorship—within a respectful, confidential, and supportive community.

What does CrossMentoring cost?


​CrossMentoring is sustained through philanthropic support.  However, in order to sustain the work of the initiative, it does charge a nominal, sliding-scale administrative fee to members who receive consulting services and who participate in a cohort.  We do not want the administrative fee to preclude the participation of any organization.  Therefore, we ask recipients of consulting services and cohort members are asked to self-select an administrative fee that they can afford.


Who are the leaders of the CrossMentoring Initiative?


The Initiative is led by a group of distinguished experts in the non profit arena.  In addition, CrossMentoring brings in experts from other organizations to help consult CrossMentoring participants.


Duncan Whiteside, MBA
President of the Maidstone Foundation

Mariette Bates, PhD
Vice President of the Maidstone Foundation

Leo Martin, MEd


Retired Maine State Commissioner of Education

Jon Tullis, CFRE
CrossMentoring Project Consultant

Matthew Korobkin, MSEd


Maidstone Foundation Board Chair



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